Tibia [noun]

Definition of Tibia:

leg part

Synonyms of Tibia:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tibia:


Sentence/Example of Tibia:

She bit off his left front tarsus and consumed the tibia and femur.

Gonytheca: articulating surface of femur to which the tibia is joined.

Coronula: a circle or semicircle of spines at the apex of the tibia.

Pollex: a thumb: the stout fixed spur at inside of tip of tibia.

But think of gradation, even now manifest, (Tibia and Fibula).

The prognosis of fracture of the tibia, as a rule, must be unfavorable.

The Tibia Plena is the most powerful and weighty of all the Tibia tribe of stops.

Separation of the lower epiphysis of the tibia is not common.

The tibia was shorter than in any known race and stouter than in most.

The tibia is dark, and the tarsus is dark at the base and white toward the tip.