Tic [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tic:

Then tic two or three times over, and there was no more sound.

If I could take that tic with me, I should ask nothing more from Heaven.

I have spoken of Peruvian bark as a remedy in tic douloureux.

Of the three kinds of neuralgia, the most common by far is tic, or faceache.

For an instance, a simple blinking of the eyelids may form a tic.

We who tic are consumed with a desire for the forbidden fruit.

In so far as is compatible with its nature, the schematisation of tic is indispensable.

He has also a tic of phonation dating back to his fifteenth year.

Here, then, is a tic springing from an ordinary visual impression.

There is no justification for regarding the risus sardonicus of the ancients as a tic.