Ticked [noun]

Definition of Ticked:

clicking sound; one beat

Synonyms of Ticked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ticked:


Sentence/Example of Ticked:

What did it mean by beginning to tick so loudly all of a sudden?

The tick, tick of the watch was just audible in the stillness of the May morning.

I tick, tick, tick all day over this pesky business, but I don't get anywheres.

How many of them could get tick in London for a new rig-out?

In just two minutes' time to a tick, the price will be thirty.

That's the question; travelling is the one thing that can't be done on tick.

But no sooner was there stillness than it began again—tick, tick, tick.

Ordinarily the tick of a watch can be heard at a distance of thirty inches.

He'd been breakfastin' an' lunchin' ever since we'd come in, an' he was as full as a tick.

And yet the State is full; never been bled a drop; full as a tick.