Tickled [adjective]

Definition of Tickled:


Opposite/Antonyms of Tickled:

Sentence/Example of Tickled:

Her brother's face, gloomy behind the iron screen, tickled her fancy.

We'd be tickled to death to have you, and for you to have what's left of the money when we get through with it.

Or, crouched on the bank of a frog-pond, we tickled frogs with straws.

One question still is unresolved,--Why do frogs stay and be tickled?

She'll be tickled—you tell her I've learnt that leaf-stitch at last!

If you'd go on a paper and learn to write like a regular man I'd be tickled to death.

I knew he had been as tickled as I by these astonishing friends of hers.

She stood up and sang in a flute-like voice that tickled one's ears.

I was so flustered and—and tickled to see her that I forgot everything, manners and all.

Jonadab was steerin' less crooked every minute and it tickled him; you could see that.