Tickling [noun]

Definition of Tickling:


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Sentence/Example of Tickling:

They scurried with tickling little feet and he could not sleep.

"Leave off, you're tickling me," cried she, laughing the louder.

"Just a tickling at the pap o' the hass," he said in English; and then we both laughed.

The dust from the Gryffons' cave still clung to him, tickling his nose.

There is scarcely anyone who may not, like a trout, be taken by tickling.

I must have left the window open, and a fly or a beetle had got in and was tickling my ear.

The room is quiet and in half-darkness, but the tickling has touched my nerves and I begin to awake.

He left off tickling my feet, and asked me kindly what the matter was.

I cough, I begin to have tickling in my throat and a difficulty in breathing.

He must seize what is tickling him, putting his hand rapidly to the irritant.