Tidbits [noun]

Definition of Tidbits:

tiny portion

Synonyms of Tidbits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tidbits:


Sentence/Example of Tidbits:

Away with breakfasts, away with the morning meal, away with tidbits!

Somewhat revived, we went on looking, and I took my part of the tidbits of the feast.

Birds like to peck into the soft, growing galls to get at the tidbits inside.

The old darkey began at once heaping her plate with tidbits.

Bijou is very fond of me; I give her tidbits and my old gowns.

The devil is supposed to have a keen appreciation of these tidbits.

In the face of this warning, however, Anne fed the old drake on tidbits, and visited him at least once a day.

These tidbits must be given sparingly, for if the bird eats them constantly it will grow so fat that it can not sing.

Raymond enjoyed these tidbits of gossip about the Bridgeboro Troop, the members of which were all more or less heroes to him.

You must learn to give him tidbits, even a handful of grass or wild oats.