Tidying [adjective]

Definition of Tidying:

clean, neat

Synonyms of Tidying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tidying:

Sentence/Example of Tidying:

Before her, instead of the tidy supper-table, she was seeing the medicine-tray as she had left it.

She brushed some dust from her habit, and made sure that her hair was tidy.

So I had to put on her peignoir, and tidy her up, and arrange her hair just as I have done.

It was Madame Raquin who had to arrange the rooms and tidy up the shop.

"If we teach them to be particular when they are young, they will be tidy when they are old," we were informed.

The cross-stitch "tidy" on the back was his mother's handiwork, she had made it when she was fifteen.

The houses are clean and tidy, and the people have a well-to-do look.

There is a daughter and she ought to have a tidy little pile.

Was it not odious of Fred to go and smoke in the parlour, the only place we can have tidy?

He noticed that everything about the room was plain, but neat and tidy.