Tier [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tier:

The porters arranged them symmetrically, tier by tier, on the vehicles.

Then they ran along the second tier of roofs beneath the open heavens.

Everybody in the yawl was eagerly looking after the form of Tier.

When we got into dock we had lost our turn for loading, and they hauled us off to a tier where we remained for a month.

"It's steep to-night," he mutters, as tier on tier of cloud drops under.

This operation was repeated until a tier of slabs had been molded.

Tier after tier of these walls extended up the sides of the steep hills.

He turned his hand, with the three cards in a tier, so that all might see.

He is at present in the back of that empty box on the third tier.

Ranged about the walls, piled tier on tier, were black 94 cubes of sand and gravel.