Tiers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tiers:

His eyes brightened rapidly as he beheld the ranks and tiers of good books.

The whole of these walls were afterwards adorned with paintings, in two tiers.

Much of the land is in terraces, or, perhaps I should say, tiers.

They were threading the tiers of barges moored on the southern side.

The walls were of dark brick, and designed for three tiers of guns.

These apartments were set in tiers or stories, as in a modern flat-house.

That kind of grapeshot which is secured in tiers by parallel iron discs.

Recriminations were bandied between the noblesse and the Tiers tat.

One member of the Tiers was thrashed by a noble and could obtain no redress.

Boone had fixed his temporary shelter in such a manner as to have three tiers.