Tigerish [adjective]

Definition of Tigerish:

violent, barbaric

Synonyms of Tigerish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tigerish:

Sentence/Example of Tigerish:

He put his hand over the tigerish pain that was beginning to reach his heart.

She turned on him with a tigerish glare in her splendid eyes.

She stopped and turned about with a swift, tigerish twist of her lithe body.

He has a light sort of walk like a cat, and a tigerish way with him all over.

The sight of the hot food and drink roused her to a tigerish activity.

The two assassins crouched in their ambush, a tigerish glare in their eyes.

Beautiful as the face was, it had a tigerish look about it at that moment.

And he doubled his right fist and raised it like a hammer, with a tigerish roar.

His tremendous strength was no less astounding than his tigerish agility.

And the handsome face of the maharajah took on a tigerish look.