Tigers [noun]

Definition of Tigers:

large cat

Synonyms of Tigers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tigers:


Sentence/Example of Tigers:

Then the chief slid out of a shadow and come at us like a tiger.

These attack you—but run—at least the tiger, not the elephant, when you go out after him.

"It was no tiger at all—that was the joke of the thing," said the major.

At one end there was a thong with a loop in it, and it smelled of tiger.

The baron raged like a tiger, and the cottager laid about him like a thresher.

I saw his eyes glisten through the branches of the tree like those of a tiger.

It was like the mingled roar of a lion and the snarl of a tiger.

Soon, from behind a rock, a tiger sprang to attack the wild cat.

The tiger was willing, and so the fox led him along a broad highway.

But the travelers, when they saw the tiger in the distance, were all frightened and ran away.