Tightened [verb]

Definition of Tightened:


Synonyms of Tightened:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tightened:

Sentence/Example of Tightened:

Light and buoyant as the child was, her tightened clasp had begun to tell on him.

For in the morning the reins of discipline are tightened again.

The tightened grasp of these four walls had taught her this.

Then he tightened his grasp on it, like one putting the devil behind him.

She struggled weakly to free herself, and his clasp only tightened jealously.

A tie which years have tightened cannot be undone in an hour.

I soon perceived that I was strangling him, and tightened my grasp.

It was not they who tightened the exercise of their supreme authority.

When he was hungry he tightened up the buckle of his trousers.

The screws should be tightened so that the rudders will stay at any angle at which they are put.