Tighter [adjective]

Definition of Tighter:

close, snug

Synonyms of Tighter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tighter:

Sentence/Example of Tighter:

The more he pulled and tugged the tighter they seemed to become.

I don't know whether you have ever been in a tighter corner than that, Bertie.

Why, yes, I did hear that they were in a tighter box than ever, financially.

But they only clung the tighter, and now threw their arms about each other.

But she only held her the tighter; he only grinned the more.

So they were, and it grew tighter and tighter as they went on.

She folded the scarf again about her, tighter, it seemed, than it was before.

It grasps the article firmly, and the heavier the weight the tighter is its grasp.

The smaller the group the tighter its stranglehold over your life and activities.

But the more she tossed the tighter she enmeshed herself in the web.