Tightly [adverb]

Definition of Tightly:


Synonyms of Tightly:

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Sentence/Example of Tightly:

He did not heed her warning, but drew her into the shadow and held her tightly to him.

Put the mixture into a stone jug, or a demijohn, and cork it tightly.

Pour in the pudding, and tie it tightly, leaving room for it to swell.

He laid his hands upon his collar as he spoke, and grasped it; tightly too.

No, no, he could not divest himself of that gown which clung so tightly to his flesh.

The curtains were tightly drawn and a heavy quilt was hung over the door.

Every window on the ground floor was tightly closed and barred.

Smoking hot they all were, too, for the dishes were tightly covered.

These, tightly flattened, were the sole contents of the covers.

We tore the veil into strips and bound up the wound as tightly as we could.