Tightwad [noun]

Definition of Tightwad:


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Sentence/Example of Tightwad:

You never gave two dollars to anyone in your life, you tightwad!

I asked him for a drink, and he couldnt see it, the tightwad!

Nor have you ever found a real Muscular who was a "tightwad."

Think I'm so unreliable and tightwad that you've got to tie me down with a contract?

You dont have to give anything, but they expect it, you know, and they think youre a tightwad if you dont come across.

Look here, and Peter winked and tried to look slyAunt Susie is no tightwad.

I'm tightwad, so s'nother guy gets chansh to buy you diamonds.

He had been called many things—loan-shark, skinflint, tightwad, pussyfoot—but he had never before been called a flirt.