Tiled [verb]

Definition of Tiled:

cover with asphalt, concrete

Synonyms of Tiled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tiled:

Dig up


Sentence/Example of Tiled:

Beyond, through an open door, could be seen the tiled bath-room.

She span round and fell all of a heap upon the tiled flooring.

Their footsteps sounded on the big, tiled hall outside the door.

Which of you can have houses or columns or extensive pediments on top of his tiled roof?

Such things are built above the floors, not above the tiled roofs.

Where a wire kiln was thought too dear, a tiled one might be made to answer.

It was a small apartment, low-studded, with cement walls and a tiled floor.

The yellow-washed one, with the gables and tiled roofs—there, back on the slope.

A boot, with its jingling rowels, struck upon the tiled floor.

The house was of one floor only, and built of brick and tiled.