Tiles [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tiles:

Then the aperture was closed with tiles or marble slabs, carefully cemented.

This recess was made beautiful by blue and white Dutch tiles.

With them in truth, is unknown even the use of mortar and of tiles.

The walls were pierced and the tiles on the roof were thrown down.

At an order from him, we braced our poles against the tiles to put out into the stream.

When she saw him on the top of the house she ran over the tiles, still holding her children.

Aimee, who must have consented to wait for him, stood on the tiles.

Presently I must see to the roof, for some of the tiles have been blown away.

They were framed of timber and covered by tiles, often, if not always, of marble.

“There is no going back,” he said, staring at the tiles, and not looking at her.