Tilted [verb]

Definition of Tilted:

lean, slant

Synonyms of Tilted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tilted:

Sentence/Example of Tilted:

But Della drained her draught of joy to the dregs, and then tilted her cup anew.

It seems that—shooting—was the last little weight that tilted the scale against me.

Then he placed it to his lips and tilted it high aloft, but not a drop was there.

The "Compact" swung and tilted with the jolt of her energetic movements.

It was the last thing, and he kind of tilted back in his chair.

The Doctor took a step forward, and tilted her chin upon his finger.

Then he half-closed his large, pale eyes, and tilted his head a little.

He tilted his chair back, and rested his head against the wall.

James tilted his head and scratched his neck vigorously, but not elegantly.

The boy caught the bottle in his hands, tilted it and took a gulp.