Tilting [verb]

Definition of Tilting:

lean, slant

Synonyms of Tilting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tilting:

Sentence/Example of Tilting:

See that he hath a change if he come back hot from the tilting.

She could even see her own window while ironing at the laundry by just tilting her head to the side.

It rose straight up, tilting and swaying in the light breeze.

Tilting her head backwards she measured the sun with her eyes.

Now, though, in tilting her hat, the disreputable beauty of the land was forgotten.

"Wait," said Sanchez, lifting the scalpel and tilting his head.

"Oh, you thought I was buttin' in," she mocked, tilting a gay challenge of the eyes at him.

"But only in principle," she murmured, tilting a radiant challenge at him.

No one was near it, but it floated there, quivering and tilting a little, in the air.

Then came a sudden, sickening drop and a tilting to one side.