Timbered [adjective]

Definition of Timbered:

made of timber

Synonyms of Timbered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Timbered:

Sentence/Example of Timbered:

We'd got down about sixty feet, all timbered, and was thinking of crosscutting.

At this moment they caught sight of him coming up a timbered draw.

A timbered room, not larger than a parlor in a city flat and not near so high.

With what awe we passed the timbered mansions of the county families!

All of Minnesota east of the Mississippi is a timbered region.

Then there must be considerable rain fall in this timbered country?

Its lawn and park-like slopes are timbered with the forest trees of Europe.

It is well watered and timbered; and in every respect delightful.

This was a timbered creek with an abundance of running water.

I crossed the threshold of the timbered portal, took a few steps, and retreated.