Timberland [noun]

Definition of Timberland:

forests; land distant from settled area

Synonyms of Timberland:

Opposite/Antonyms of Timberland:


Sentence/Example of Timberland:

Nothing but timberland, I assume—judging from what we have been able to observe.

A grant of timberland was obtained from the government and a lumber-mill opened.

Of course, Ike, you have made no mistake in cruising the timberland?

That thrust like the haft of a spear into the heart of Fyfe's timberland.

The concentration of timberland ownership in the United States has put a few men in control of vast areas of forest.

A moment later the darkness of the night hid him from their view, and they were left alone in the bit of timberland.

A route around the rocks was taken, and presently they came to a dense bit of timberland.

Colonel Fairfield had often thought to have the belt of timberland cut down, but had never put the plan into execution.

The ball sped straight into the timberland and cut down a heavy sapling growing beside the piece the enemy were reloading.

And Carley soon became aware that they had at last left the cut and burned-over district of timberland behind.