Timberline [noun]

Definition of Timberline:

line past which no trees grow

Synonyms of Timberline:

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Sentence/Example of Timberline:

But there were trees on all the lower slopes, and there was not really a timberline.

A haystack sheltered against a cliff was found at timberline.

Already weak, they did not get down to timberline the first day.

The other is found here and there well up toward the edge of the timberline.

In another ten minutes they would be above the timberline and the full force of the storm would hit them.

Out of the worst of the wind, they skied easily back down towards the timberline.

Beech trees appear at all elevations between 3,000 feet and the timberline.

In this varied and extensive region old "Timberline" had all the necessities of life and many of the luxuries of beardom.

Old Timberline started down into a caon as though to descend a gully diagonally to the bottom.

I was so near that with my field-glasses I recognized him as “Old Timberline,” a bear with two right front toes missing.