Timbre [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Timbre:

She thought, she began to think, that even the timbre of his voice was Sicilian.

Her voice was deep and had the timbre of some old bronze bell.

The timbre of her voice—the deadly coldness of it—made him start.

Even Tim blanched; for in the voice he recognized the timbre of insanity.

From the timbre of that cry he knew it never came from a human throat.

They vibrated with a timbre that held assurance of ultimate victory.

The quality of light may be compared to the timbre of sound.

It was not so loud as it might have been, but in pitch and timbre it was perfect.

Judith's answer is lost, rather to his relief, all but the timbre of its resentment.

All it proves is, that timbre was, by some, supposed to mean a basin!