Timeliness [noun]

Definition of Timeliness:


Synonyms of Timeliness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Timeliness:

Sentence/Example of Timeliness:

The timeliness of the contribution may be vague and general.

Timeliness is as important as ever, so he must look to his tenses.

The importance of the speech does not lie in its novelty but in its timeliness.

The interview thus has a timeliness, a reason for existence.

In this and in its timeliness it is like the human interest story.

There is a dominant element of timeliness in all the works of God.

Doubtless his timorousness was as great as theirs, only his timeliness was less.

Second, Rapid Dominance must achieve rapidity in the sense of timeliness.

His encyclicals are marked by their timeliness and practical character.

This brings us to the second reason for our topic namely, its timeliness.