Timely [adjective]

Definition of Timely:

at the right time

Synonyms of Timely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Timely:

Sentence/Example of Timely:

His conversation for a moment or two was also coherent and timely.

The chateau is on fire; valuable objects may be saved from the flames by timely aid!

The book was timely and told efficiently on the reform in this country.

The fatal effects of mineral poisons are too often experienced, and for want of timely assistance but seldom counteracted.

What might have happened but for the timely interruption it would be impossible to say.

The sound came, to the adults, as a timely relief from embarrassment.

Harry looked his thanks to Mrs. Kemp for coming to his rescue so timely.

Topics that are timely and of interest to the whole community should be discussed.

It was an amusing and timely skit, and is worth reading to-day.

I feel greatly obliged to you, signora, for your timely notice.