Times [noun]

Definition of Times:

temporal length of event or entity's existence, period

Synonyms of Times:

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Sentence/Example of Times:

But all he'd ever say was that times had changed since my day, and I wasn't to mind him.

Of course you'll do it, and you could do it better if you had three or four times the stake you got.

He had himself been obliged to bail out three times, running in from the reef.

It came from the furnace of the Revolution, tempered to the necessities of the times.

To consider these evils, to find their remedy, is the most sore necessity of our times.

The strong man must at all times be alert to the attack of insidious disease.

They belonged to the times when 30,000 men were an army, and when campaigns were spent in sieges.

Both sexes, and all ages, are busy at all times in the mysteries of the gaming-table.

Of course, in times of peace, they may facilitate the common business of politics.

They also know how to conduct themselves according to times and seasons.