Timidly [adverb]

Definition of Timidly:

gently, effortlessly

Opposite/Antonyms of Timidly:

Sentence/Example of Timidly:

With some embarrassment he delicately, timidly, hinted his apprehensions.

She timidly signed the card and returned it to the corner of the table.

"He is the member for North Northamptonshire," I timidly replied.

Sigmund shrunk a little away from his uncle, not timidly, but with some distaste.

Now, timidly peeping from behind her skirts, he ventured to open his eyes on it.

However he approved whole-heartedly when she timidly broached the matter to him.

His hand groped for hers and as she took it, timidly, he drew her closer.

But Spurling was speaking again, timidly and half to himself.

And then a voice said, timidly, "I can play the mouth organ."

The Doctor looked up as if with alarm, and John said, timidly,—“Alice!”