Timorously [adverb]

Definition of Timorously:

in fear

Synonyms of Timorously:

Opposite/Antonyms of Timorously:


Sentence/Example of Timorously:

Timorously, the dummy-chucker weighed the two possibilities.

A fat woman was sitting up in bed looking at him timorously.

His voice sank to a whisper, and he glanced about timorously.

"You'd better not go over there, Charles," we advised him timorously.

"Then they'll ketch me, and put me in jail," suggested the old man, timorously.

Timorously, he approached the great carcass and prodded with his foot.

When she was gone the old Lady Rochford timorously berated the Queen.

But for me I turned, gladly, yet timorously, and joined the speaker in a moment.

There was a question in the words, a timorously expectant question.

To Burnett the silence was burdened with meaning, and he broke it timorously.