Tinctured [adjective]

Definition of Tinctured:


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Sentence/Example of Tinctured:

It was the first Sunday in March—mild and soft and tinctured with spring.

The colour of that story had tinctured all his sea-side experiences.

His growing dislike for Harley was tinctured with a strain of contempt.

But I suppose you have been tinctured with the doctrine of sinless perfection.

And since more than a half of these people are of Boston, the air is tinctured therewith.

There is not one of them that is not tinctured more or less with this kind of infidelity.

It was easy to perceive that most of his meditations were tinctured from this source.

His mind was tinctured with the superstitions of the forest.

It had, after all, tinctured his blood and impregnated his mind.

All this is tinctured with the Dutchman's cheese over the way.