Tinged [verb]

Definition of Tinged:


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Sentence/Example of Tinged:

The lawyer's face sobered, and his tone as he answered was tinged with constraint.

The entire place, indeed, was corroded, tinged with the hue of old gold.

Bright orange it was, tinged with yellow, dazzling even at this distance.

They regarded him and his wife with derisive pity, tinged with anger.

They are to be washed a third time in a stronger soap liquor, made hot and tinged with blueing, and rinsed in clean water.

Gills narrow, close, adnexed or free, whitish or tinged with flesh-color.

"It hasn't got the glider," muttered Foulet and his tone was tinged with disappointment.

Rotha's color, that had tinged her cheeks, mounted to her eyes and descended to her neck.

It is a failing common to mankind, whose views are tinged by prejudices.

The air was tinged with frost and the forest flamed with color.