Tinging [noun]

Definition of Tinging:


Synonyms of Tinging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tinging:

Sentence/Example of Tinging:

The faintest suspicion of a tinge of color crept into his cheeks.

"You will if you wait," advised Farrell, a tinge of asperity in his tone.

Von Horn looked at him, a tinge of compassion in his rather hard face.

Autumn had begun to tinge the foliage on the banks of Winandermere.

"I wish I could be as cool-headed as Thomas," she said, with a tinge of petulance.

She pronounced these words with a smile, which was not altogether without a tinge of irony.

"I do, mother," said Mike earnestly and without a tinge of jealousy in his tone.

Her smile was not altogether free from a tinge of bitterness.

There is a tinge of haughtiness in her manner as she interrupts him.

Mr. Caryll saw him, and smiled, and his smile held no tinge of mockery.