Tingle [verb]

Definition of Tingle:

feel tickled, itchy

Synonyms of Tingle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tingle:


Sentence/Example of Tingle:

He felt it rather than saw it, and it kept a tingle in his blood.

The Book is full of the tingle and even the roar of the life out of which it was born.

Her tone was gentle as a caress, and it made him tingle to his finger-tips.

Such a tingle shot up Gibson's spine that he was sure he must have jumped.

Your ears, tingle with the feel of it: your head rings with it.

I was, as you may imagine, all in a tingle to know what it was that he wanted with me.

Dull indeed must be that man whose blood does not tingle with anticipation.

Gyp declared, afterwards, that the announcement had made her tingle to her toes!

His feet began to tingle and he knew that they were not frozen.

Then it came to her, with a flush that made her tingle all over, that she was spying on him.