Tinkering [verb]

Definition of Tinkering:

fiddle with

Synonyms of Tinkering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tinkering:

Sentence/Example of Tinkering:

The carpenter took more than a day, tinkering at an old ship's boat.

With which confession Hooker resumed his tinkering on the motorcycle.

"Tinkering with that old thing again, I see," coughed Rackliff.

Banasel was engaged in his usual pastime of tinkering with the equipment.

He said it was out of order, and he's tinkering with it the last few days.

For the tinkering reformer is frequently one of the worst of the routineers.

“No; luckily I put them in the wagon when I was tinkering with it,” said Scott.

Some one had given him a file and he had been tinkering at his irons for days.

I had seen enough of gypsying and tinkering to be convinced of that.

He took to tinkering and smithery, because no better employments were at his command.