Tinkled [verb]

Definition of Tinkled:

jingle, ring

Synonyms of Tinkled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tinkled:


Sentence/Example of Tinkled:

Gracie asked, running off the final notes in a tinkle of melody.

Joseph heard the tinkle of a falling blade, and assumed it to be Kenneth's.

A tinkle of cutlery and a slight jingle of glasses were heard.

Not until the fourth tinkle had been heard was there any other sound within the house.

There was a tinkle at my bell, and I left her to open the door.

From the gallery overhead came the tinkle of a rota, a kind of guitar.

Presently I heard the tinkle of a bell from the box which he had unlocked.

I'm going straight for the point where the tinkle of the bell came from.

I rang the bell and heard its tinkle far away within the dwelling.

Miss Junk appeared in answer to the tinkle of the bell and removed the food.