Tinny [adjective]

Definition of Tinny:

made of metal

Synonyms of Tinny:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tinny:


Sentence/Example of Tinny:

Against the scene a jazz band flung a whine and a stumble of tinny sounds.

That's only a tinny sort of glitter just now, but you should see the moon rise over it.

The words were in English—the tinny, saw-cut English of the native-bred, and the chaplain jumped.

A tinny voice said with formal cordiality that he did, indeed.

The tinny voice said hastily that Lockley should speak to the general himself.

However, they love it, and the dismal piano beats a tinny accompaniment.

He listened attentively, heard something else, a tinny sound.

Beyond, the wired tennis-courts give forth a musical, tinny note when attacked.

The tinny clatter of Ted's alarm clock awakened him at half-past three the next morning.

The little robot stepped back, clapping his hands together with a tinny bang.