Tinted [adjective]

Definition of Tinted:


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Sentence/Example of Tinted:

Each Plate is mounted on Tinted Card-board, in imitation of the original.

On the wall beside his desk hung a tinted map of the metropolis.

Swift love ran now and again through her cheeks and tinted them.

Some of them were tinted black while the others glowed opalescent.

And, say, all tinted up that way, you could hardly blame him for grabbin' both her hands.

It is a common easy-going ballad, but it is tinted with tragedy and comedy.

Yet the powerful lights about the cottage were so tinted as to be restful to the eye.

And suppose it is not pallberry season, do we not have them tinted?

A metal and tinted plastic helmet with earphones, mike and chin switch.

Even when tinted with the rainbow hues, which it lends them, they are poor and small.