Tipping [verb]

Definition of Tipping:

knock over; cause to lean

Synonyms of Tipping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tipping:

Sentence/Example of Tipping:

Steve rose abruptly, tipping over the dainty chair as he did so.

This day Will Summers and Tipping were executed here for house-breaking.

"I hope he doesn't see us," he said, tipping his panama over his eyes.

I'm not going to take instruction from a tipping table or a flying hair-brush!

This was simply a matter of tipping the beadle, who marked you off.

For breaking into the house of Squire Ellison, of Tipping, that's what it's for.

The widow, being in reduced circumstances, settled in Tipping.

The old wreck had demanded five per cent of his winnings for tipping him off.

"I thought I felt you tipping when you first came to the layout," he said, waving them around.

But he was tipping me the wink while he did it, so he was; as much as to say he knew they were Boers all the time.