Tippling [verb]

Definition of Tippling:


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Sentence/Example of Tippling:

But Charley, my hearty, we are getting on slowly with the tipple; are they all empty?

And the beauty of our tipple now is,” said Bob, “that it never does a fellow the least harm.

He cannot enjoy his own tipple unless he can deprive me of mine.

The moment he has tossed off the tipple, he begins tinkling.

Sandeman's '48—the tipple you and I have tasted together for many a year.

Oh,” says he, “I have made them so drunk with my Alchoran they need no tipple.

The more he drank, the better relish he had for their tipple.

The tipple was a fairly public place, and he judged he was as safe there as anywhere.

You can rest sure of this one thing—if I get onto that tipple, you're going to get your weights!

This place was the "tipple," where the coal that came out of the mine was weighed and recorded.