Tips [noun]

Definition of Tips:

inside information

Synonyms of Tips:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tips:

Sentence/Example of Tips:

Something freezing cold was beginning at the tips of his fingers.

Mr Verloc, with the tips of his fingers between his lips, was looking on the ground.

He just missed it, the leather sphere grazing the tips of his fingers.

The millionaire touched the broad palm with the tips of his gloved fingers.

Your arms are mine, from your shoulders to the tips of your nails.

The spines are simple or in some cases the tips are more or less branched.

There is a red tint on the tips of the boughs of the hard maple.

She held it a moment by the tips of her fingers and looked at it, and then put it back with a sigh.

She let his hand slip from the tips of her fingers, and drew silently away.

Making a call on her courage, she pushed the door open with the tips of her fingers.