Tipsy [adjective]

Definition of Tipsy:


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Sentence/Example of Tipsy:

Let him go and find carrots at a sou the bunch elsewhere, tipsy scoundrel that he is!

But never mind that now; don't get tipsy again, if you can help it, and that's all about it.

His tipsy companions at first assisted him with noisy cheers.

He told this story of the tipsy wife: She sent her son for brush to heat her oven.

The man talked like one tipsy, but I did not think it was with drink.

At their feasts the Brethren ate like gluttons and drank till they were tipsy.

They wasted their nights in tipsy revels and dances by the light of the moon.

At last the clerk Vasia became so tipsy that he began to giggle and talk to his plate.

I think he would; he did fire at me; but he was too tipsy to take aim.

My room-mate was tipsy, but not enough so to make him anything more than silly.