Tiptoed [verb]

Definition of Tiptoed:

be cautious

Synonyms of Tiptoed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tiptoed:

Sentence/Example of Tiptoed:

Afterwards, when Cyrus tiptoed down-stairs, he found the Captain at the cabin door.

When he had tiptoed out of the room, he laid his hand on my shoulder.

His voice trailed sleepily off, and Dorcas rose and tiptoed out of the room.

He tiptoed to their bed—for they refused to be parted even in sleep.

She listened at the foot of the stairs, and then tiptoed up.

Very quietly he rose to his feet, tiptoed to the window and looked out.

They left the ladder where it was, and tiptoed fearfully out to the lane.

Thankful had tiptoed back to her own room and was returning with the lamp.

The captain entered the house quietly and tiptoed to the door of the bedroom.

The judge looked up from the pillow as Sears tiptoed into the room.