Tirades [noun]

Definition of Tirades:

abuse, outburst

Synonyms of Tirades:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tirades:

Sentence/Example of Tirades:

Let us return to our beetle—what will his tirades about its antiquity advance me?

His tirades about the Saxon tyrant are not worth mentioning, they mean nothing.

But Frank was sitting to me this morning, and his tirades put me out of joint.

The effect of these tirades upon the South cannot be well conceived.

So Jeffrey's tirades were unavailing, and Wordsworth was not dislodged.

Irritated by these tirades, Julien brought his chair nearer Madame de Rnal.

He dragged in by the nape of the neck, as it were, tirades whose proper place had been in a leading article.

His tirades were not a furore of denunciation so much as they were the impulsive chafing of the creative energy within him.

And yet, as I have said, the half-hours spent in listening to these tirades were not cheerless, and no bad effects followed.

Preaching friars made the chancels ring with tirades against them, and openly advocated296 their utter extermination.