Tireless [adjective]

Definition of Tireless:


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Sentence/Example of Tireless:

The officers, haggard but tireless, aroused them frequently.

He is tireless, and composed as to wrist and shoulder of a number of whale-bone springs.

And so, to it again, in the manner of women, tireless in speculation about what is not to be understood.

However, tireless vigilance is being used with hopes of success.

The river was our beast of burden now, a tireless, gentle beast.

It sounded like the tireless barking of ten thousand giant dogs.

The tireless Spirit of eternal creation, the Spirit of Love.

To bring on my sombre mood, in which I am able to listen with tireless patience.

The tireless empire builder was again on the Pacific Coast in 1858.

The Master said, To be tireless of thought and faithful in doing.