Tirelessly [adverb]

Definition of Tirelessly:


Synonyms of Tirelessly:

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Sentence/Example of Tirelessly:

Despite all obstacles encountered, it tirelessly pursues its way.

Tirelessly Juan Can questioned every traveller, every wandering herder he saw.

Yet the statue worked faithfully and tirelessly, and, it must be confessed, hopelessly.

We rejoiced momentarily for those who had worked so tirelessly.

This, again, is Nature's way, randomly and tirelessly seeking her ends.

He toiled unceasingly and tirelessly, whistling cheerfully as he worked.

And she drew certain deductions from the newspapers she studied so tirelessly.

If Gray Wolf was not here—she was there, and tirelessly he resumed his quest of her.

"Better turn down the gas jest a little," said he, tirelessly.

Tirelessly the pony trotted, his head down, the lines lying loose.