Tirelessness [noun]

Definition of Tirelessness:

hard work

Synonyms of Tirelessness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tirelessness:

Sentence/Example of Tirelessness:

There was the speed of the blooded racer in her and the tirelessness of the mustang.

It had the tirelessness without the affected limp of a coyote.

Silvermane kept to his gait with the tirelessness of a desert horse.

In poverty she would have worked for him, slaved for him, with the strength and tirelessness that only love can give.

There was no horse for him, but he walked with the spring and tirelessness of a grey-hound, his hand on the pommel of my saddle.

What patience and tirelessness, and love and tact and wisdom and wealth of resource does that woman not need!

Such agility and tirelessness one could scarcely find anywhere else.

The tirelessness of the crowd—it was that perhaps which struck me most; and, secondly, the good conduct of the crowd.