Tiresomely [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Tiresomely:

Art of this tiresomely technical kind can be taught to any one.

But the boys were born selfish, tiresomely, disgustingly selfish.

But he did not heed her tiresomely obvious remark, and plunged onwards.

Willing and brave as the men were, the movements were tiresomely slow and laggard.

It was not merely that he was constitutionally impatient of delay, but that his nerves were tiresomely on edge just now.

You are always so tiresomely silent, Don, whether you think a thing true or not true.

None of these things will he find; nor, indeed, anything else that is tiresomely and absurdly modern.

By reason of his uncertain movements he is unable to draw his food in the usual way, and yet insists, tiresomely, on being fed.

It was from Harriet, a curious, incoherent screed; tiresomely detailed as to her plans, painfully brief as to important issues.

She is so tiresomely heedless and provoking, and sometimes I really wonder if she has any heart.'