Titan [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Titan:

By this means he gave to man an extended, a Titan personality.

The overhauling of Titan batteries should be done as described on pages 328 to 374.

Ten minutes to go, and Professor Maniel still labored like a Titan.

And then he noticed a fourth occupant of the cavern, a young lad of Titan.

At the hands of the Titan brothers, birds, beasts, and fishes had fared handsomely.

So Perseus uncovered the face of Medusa and held it up for the Titan to gaze upon.

The great hills looked as if the knife of a Titan had sheered off their summits.

This job's all played out, so I think I'll get me a good job on Titan.

It would be useless to go to Titan, for they would be powerless to help us.

He had undergone the labours of a titan for twelve eventful and formative years.