Titanic [adjective]

Definition of Titanic:

gigantic, very large

Synonyms of Titanic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Titanic:


Sentence/Example of Titanic:

It was possible to imagine anything when Nature was making a change so titanic.

And far away she saw the titanic clouds; but on the horizon, no sail.

At which Uncle Ulick went off into a peal of Titanic laughter.

And you know, the tinning of salmon was “progress” as much at least as the building of the Titanic.

We've had heroic disregards but I think that here disregard was titanic.

For a moment the chasm is a battleground of the elements, a fierce, titanic struggle.

Man is making war on nature with amazing energy on a titanic scale.

But certainly it was not these ships that kept the titanic battleship of the air at bay!

Then came a titanic roar and the planet itself seemed to shake!

If the struggle between the two animals had been awful, this was Titanic.