Tithes [noun]

Definition of Tithes:

charge levied by government on property, income

Synonyms of Tithes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tithes:


Sentence/Example of Tithes:

But we cannot enumerate a tithe of the masterpieces of the British Encyclopædia.

But the parson knows Juan, and proceeds to examine his tithe.

Surely, no more than he found—nay, not a tithe of that he found.

In all his life the adventurer had never been possessed of a tithe of this amount.

Yet it was barely a tithe of the sudden burden he had to bear.

I was bewildered enough by this speech, not a tithe of which could I understand.

The heron, the cat, and the bramble bought the tithe of a certain parish.

Not a tithe of what thousands of better men are doing every day out there.

Let no one say that a tithe of these instances would have sufficed.

And perhaps that is only a tithe of what he steals from you.