Titian [noun]

Definition of Titian:

combination of red and yellow

Synonyms of Titian:

Opposite/Antonyms of Titian:


Sentence/Example of Titian:

Titian, that might or might not be—perhaps he had only touched it.

They have abused your hate who told you that Titian was jealous.

Turner will not use such means.pitch of color as Titian does.

Rubens never executed—Titian never colored anything like them.

She was curious about "Titian's Mistress" because the yellow hair resembled her own.

They gave her the sobriquet of the Titian Girl at Rome whenever she appeared abroad.

His last work, the landscape in which was finished by Titian, is dated 1514.

They have the same truth, high relish, and sapidity as those of Titian.

We should be like the brothers Caracci—like Titian with his scholar and adopted son.

Vandyke, Reynolds, Titian—he deemed these the great triumvirate of portraiture.